UBA system paralyzed and inaccessible after a Ransomware attack

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Thanks to an unprecedented cyber blow, the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) faces an operational crisis after falling victim to Ransomware that has left essential files inaccessible. For several days, various servers at the educational institution have been compromised, affecting the ability of teachers and students to carry out certain tasks, such as managing grades and registering for courses.

Ransomware is a form of malicious software, also known as malware, that encrypts data with the purpose of making it inaccessible, with the subsequent demand for a ransom to restore the information (in this case, it is still unknown which group accessed the system of the UBA and what amount is requested). If the victim refuses to make the payment, cybercriminals opt for a second extortion tactic: disclosing the stolen data on the dark web, in order to damage the reputation of the affected entity. In this context, it is crucial to have backup copies of information, although the system restoration process can take weeks.

The university community is on alert, waiting for quick answers and solutions to overcome this cyberattack that threatens the normality of educational operations at the prestigious institution. As the situation develops, unknowns are emerging about the full scope of the incident and ongoing efforts to mitigate its impacts.

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