The main cybersecurity strategies to face digital risks in 2024

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It is not news that cyberattacks are on the rise and their tactics are increasingly optimized according to their objectives. However, there are companies that even in 2024 still do not put on the table the importance of having Cybersecurity strategies appropriate for the current times.

Today, a cybersecurity incident can generate million-dollar losses, discredit in terms of a company’s corporate image and even cause business interruption. That is why, if your company still does not have basic definitions to prevent cybersecurity risks, today we share with you where you should begin to outline a proactive posture and outline cybersecurity strategies.

First of all, it is essential to know what the current situation is in order to take measures based on it. An analysis of these characteristics will allow identifying the organization’s assets that could be vulnerable to cyber attacks; specify the threats to which the organization’s assets are exposed and evaluate the risk that they represent for the organization. Once this step is completed, the necessary measures can be taken to reduce the risks.

Another essential point is staff training, since 95% of cybersecurity violations are attributed to human error. It is essential for companies to inform their collaborators of the risks to which they are exposed every day, as well as the mechanisms to identify fraudulent situations.

Defining clear and secure policies is a good start for an organization to understand how to protect its data and assets. It is important that everyone knows the importance of complying with the established information security rules.

Finally, data encryption is a common practice that consists of encoding information so that it can only be read by the corresponding users. For example: hard drives, VPN, private cloud, databases, among others.

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