The Hot Sale extends: How to safely shop online?

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In the framework of the new edition of the country’s most important online shopping event, the Hot Sale, it is essential to be alert to the digital threats lurking during the shopping season and provide key strategies for a secure experience.

The event, which started on May 13th, now extends as the country immerses itself in a plethora of irresistible offers and discounts. However, it is crucial to be prepared to avoid potential cyber threats.

Recommendations for users to avoid being deceived when purchasing:

  • Access the brands participating in the event through the official Hot Sale website. Avoid falling for links that may lead to fraudulent pages.
  • In case of receiving promotions via email, verify that the sender is from an email belonging to the company’s official domain.
  • Before making the purchase, ensure that the website is secure, meaning it starts with “https://”. This ensures an encrypted and protected connection.
  • Implement double-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • Use secure payment methods.

At INSSIDE, we reaffirm our commitment to digital security and hope that these tips help users avoid scams in virtual purchases.