The digital supply chain and the importance of its protection

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The concept of digital chain protection refers to risk management of third-party providers. In a context of a growing number of cyber threats, identifying, analyzing and mitigating the risks associated with working with external organizations becomes a challenge and almost an obligation if the objective is to achieve information security from all its aspects.

When considering the digital supply chain, the digital sphere of the entire organization is considered. That is to say, providers are called upon to also be able to guarantee security in their cyberspace. This includes shared confidential data, networks, and close collaboration with partners. This is why it is essential to have knowledge of what measures the provider takes to reduce current digital risks. Third-party security breaches can mean a breach or unauthorized access to your own systems.

For these reasons, our specialists recommend the following measures to reinforce security in the supply chain:

1- Adopt real-time analysis tools with the aim of managing cybersecurity, both your own and that of third parties.

2- Align with safety standards that and suppliers also comply with regulations that allow risks to be reduced.

3- Have training plans for collaborators to raise awareness of digital culture and reduce the likelihood of being victims of cybercriminals.

With more than 16 years of experience in the Cybersecurity industry, we have a team of experts and specialists that allows us to offer information security services in line with the most demanding industry standards and at the forefront of current threats.