Second National Cybersecurity Strategy in Argentina: a commitment to digital security

The Second National Cybersecurity Strategy in Argentina represents a milestone in the country’s commitment to guarantee the security of cyberspace. This strategy, which establishes national guidelines for the protection of cyberspace, has been approved after a Public Consultation process that began earlier this year. During this process, valuable contributions were received from various sectors, including the public and private, civil society, the academic sector, international organizations and the technical community.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy addresses this challenge by focusing on a set of policies and measures aimed at strengthening the security of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures. It recognizes that these infrastructures may be vulnerable to threats and incidents and its main objective is to prevent actions that may affect the functioning of the State, organizations and essential services, with a direct impact on citizens.

The importance of actions in cyberspace is also reflected in the activities of government administrations, since these actions allow them to increase transparency, communicate their activities and facilitate the opening of data and government actions. However, this greater exposure makes them more susceptible to possible computer incidents that could interrupt their normal functioning. The Strategy seeks for States to prioritize cybersecurity in their government agenda and provide a safe environment to take advantage of technological advances and innovations for the benefit of all of society.

Furthermore, this strategy is inclusive and considers the gender perspective and human rights, addressing the protection of vulnerable sectors and focusing on specific issues related to emerging technological developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G technology and mobile services. Cloud.

With the aim of meeting the objectives of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, companies, universities and other actors will be invited to participate in activities aimed at complying with the guiding principles, specific objectives and actions outlined in the strategy.

The Argentine Government reinforces its commitment to strengthen cybersecurity regulations and promote a conscious culture of computer security. The protection of cyberspace is essential for the well-being of society and the progress of the country in the digital age.

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