Rising priority: Cybersecurity leads the agendas of Latin American CEOs

In Latin America, technology modernization is emerging as the top business priority for nearly half of CEOs. However, another aspect that has significantly gained ground in their strategic agendas is cybersecurity and the protection of confidential data, considering it a key priority.

According to a recent study by an IT services company, more than 63% of Latin American CEOs identify cloud computing as the essential technology to obtain results. In addition, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence stand out as strategic tools to boost the growth and competitiveness of companies in the region.

Although there is clear recognition of the importance of artificial intelligence, many organizations still face significant implementation challenges. In this line, CEOs are increasingly looking for technology leaders in areas such as operations, finance and technology to have their experience in making strategic decisions.

The study also reveals an increasing influence of technology leaders in the decision-making process, with CIOs being singled out as key decision makers in their organizations. Likewise, the roles of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Digital Officer are recognized by business leaders as key figures when evaluating and deciding important alternatives for the company.

In turn, cybersecurity stands out as one of the main points on the agenda of CEOs in Latin America. This special attention reflects the growing concern to protect sensitive data and ensure security in the digital environment. In a business environment that is increasingly interconnected and exposed to cyber risks, organizations understand the importance of investing in solid cybersecurity solutions and developing strategies to mitigate potential risks.

For this reason, it is important to implement solutions such as backup systems, data recovery, and security awareness training to safeguard confidential information, and ensure the future of organizations in a constantly evolving technological environment.

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