PCI Security Standards Council formed the Regional Board of Brazil: INSSIDE is in the list

Brazilian Regional Board of PCI SSC 2024

PCI Security Standards Council is already warming up for the 2024 season. So much so that it has already launched the list of those invited to be part of the renowned PCI SSC Brazil Regional Board. One more year, INSSIDE will be part of the Board.

For more than 16 years, INSSIDE has been working hard to guarantee security and certification in its clients’ payment processes. As a certifying company, it is a very important recognition to be considered to participate in the select group. The PCI SSC Brazil Regional Board brings together 34 leading companies in Brazil with the goal of promoting education and awareness on standards and best practices to protect payment data.

In this sense, not only is a list of leading companies in PCI certifications selected, but a specific representative is also chosen. Our QSA Agostina Lambertucci will be present on behalf of INSSIDE at the Regional Board of Brazil.

“Being part of the PCI SSC Brazil Regional Board gives us the opportunity not only to actively participate in the work carried out by PCI SSC on data security, but also to establish contact with colleagues and various companies involved in payment processes “This allows us to stay up to date on their needs and the strategies they implement to address them“, says Agostina Lambertucci, QSA specialist in PCI standards.

The Board will meet periodically throughout the year to discuss payment data security issues, trends and changes in the market. “The expanded PCI SSC Brazil Regional Board gives us even greater insight into payment data security issues, trends and market changes in the region,” says Gina Gobeyn, PCI SSC Executive Director.

With more than 16 years of experience in the Cybersecurity industry, we have a team of experts and specialists that allows us to offer information security services in line with the most demanding industry standards and at the forefront of current threats.