Protecting your digital world: know and avoid rootkits

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hey are installed in the RAM, consuming resources and affecting the performance of the computer.

Rootkits for the operating system loader: Modifies the software startup mechanism, allowing the device to start before the user.

Rootkits for applications: Alter the functioning of applications, opening a door for cyber attackers every time the user uses them.

Kernel-mode rootkits: Provide cybercriminals with access to the operating system kernel, allowing them to modify the operation of the software.

Network rootkits: This type of rootkit focuses on manipulating network communications, allowing attackers to intercept and modify transmitted information.

INSSIDE Cybersecurity experts express various tips to prevent rootkits:

Periodically evaluate computer performance: Perform scans to detect possible decreases in system speed, a sign of a possible infection.

Download the latest software updates: Keep your system up to date to fix known vulnerabilities and prevent rootkit attacks.

Avoid downloading and opening malicious files: Be cautious when installing files from unknown sources to avoid phishing attacks and the spread of rootkits.

Use equipment from recognized brands: Acquire devices from manufacturers with a good reputation to avoid risks from the moment of purchase.

Maintain a robust firewall configuration: Configure and regularly update the firewall to filter unauthorized traffic and prevent rootkit intrusions.

Get advice from cybersecurity experts: Consult with professionals to apply anti-rootkit strategies and avoid becoming a victim of this type of malware.

It is important to stay one step ahead in protecting cyberspace. Aligned with the highest security standards in its services, INSSIDE Cybersecurity accompanies users with advice and support. Its mission is to offer comprehensive solutions that evolve with emerging threats, guaranteeing the protection of sensitive information and operational continuity.