Most common passwords of 2023: surprised?

most common passwords of 2023

The report on the most common passwords of 2023 is out and the results continue to surprise. Or, rather, they keep warning that something is wrong. With a significant and sustained increase in cyberattacks over the years, passwords remain weak and easy to guess.

Every year, a renowned password management brand releases its report on the most common passwords. This information should be useful to learn from mistakes. However, millions of users continue to opt for passwords that are easy to remember, which makes them easy to guess.

If the already known and alerted scenario of cyber attacks and threats is added to this phenomenon, the result could be fatal. This combination of factors was the only thing cybercriminals were missing.

Most common passwords of 2023

  • 123456
  • admin
  • 12345678
  • 123456789
  • 1234
  • 12345
  • password
  • 123
  • Aa123456
  • 1234567890

And the list goes on. The use of this type of password speeds up and facilitates the work of cybercriminals who are searching for their next victim. Not only is it a key to access to personal information, it could be the key to access to an entire company’s information. Therefore, awareness is urgent. And fundamental.

Password management is the key

At INSSIDE Cybersecurity we always remember the importance of password management. There are different recommendations that help safeguard information in a more strategic way.

  • Create strong passwords: They should include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols (such as % or &).
  • Do not reuse passwords: This would allow unauthorized access to more than one account.
  • Change passwords periodically: in this way, the intrusion of a third party who has obtained the key in a data leak is avoided.
  • Creativity: set passwords that are difficult to crack, avoiding names, pets, dates or common phrases.
  • Password manager: using a system of this type allows you to store the keys so you don’t forget them and only remember a master key.
  • Activate two-step authentication to prevent access by unauthorized people.

With more than 16 years of experience in the Cybersecurity industry, we have a team of experts and specialists that allows us to offer information security services in line with the most demanding industry standards and at the forefront of current threats.