How to protect your children’s online privacy: Avoid shareting

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“Shareting” is a term that arises from the words “sharing” and “parenting.” It refers to the practice of parents excessively sharing information about their children on social media and other virtual platforms.

The consequences of shareting can be diverse:

  • Privacy violation: Children may feel that their privacy is being invaded when personal information is publicly shared without their consent.
  • Impact on future reputation: The shared information could have a negative impact on children’s reputation in the future.
  • Security risk: Sharing too much information about children’s location or routines can expose them to security risks.
  • Development of a digital identity without consent: Children do not have the capacity to consent to the publication of information about them online, which can negatively affect their development of a digital identity.

Although it may seem like a harmless gesture, posting about children’s lives can have implications for their privacy, digital footprint, and mental health. To avoid shareting, parents can follow these tips:

  • Think before sharing: Before posting anything about their children, parents should consider whether the information is appropriate and whether it could negatively affect their children’s privacy or security in the future.
  • Limit shared information: It is important to limit the amount of personal information shared about children online and avoid posting details such as full names, exact locations, or daily routines.
  • Respect children’s privacy: Parents should respect their children’s privacy before sharing anything about them online, especially as children grow and develop a greater understanding of their own privacy.
  • Online safety education: It is essential to educate children about the importance of virtual privacy and teach them how to protect their personal information online.

By following these tips, parents can avoid shareting and protect their children’s online privacy and security.

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