DarkWeb, DeepWeb and DarkNet: What are they?

DarkWeb, DeepWeb and DarkNet are  spaces that coexist within the Internet universe, although it is confusing to understand what each one means.

Deep Web  is where Internet content is found that is not indexed by conventional search engines like Google, either because they are password protected or are dynamic web pages that generate content individually for each user. There you can find websites, databases, cloud service accounts (such as Dropbox or Google Drive), and other resources restricted to the general public.

The Deep Web may include legal content, such as government databases, scientific archives, digital libraries, or private membership websites.

Dark Web  is a portion of the Internet within the Deep Web, which is intentionally hidden and not indexed by search engines. Unlike the Deep Web, the content of the Dark Web is not accessible through conventional web browsers. .

It is made up of several Dark Nets, which are independent networks in which people who access usually use anonymity tools that allow them to hide their identity and leave no trace of their online activity. But, to access the Dark Web it is necessary to use specialized software, specific configurations and have certain technical knowledge. This area of ​​the Internet is popularly known for illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, arms sales, child pornography, among other types of criminal activities.

The Dark Web is only a small portion of the web compared to the Deep Web. However, due to its lack of regulation, it is important to exercise caution when exploring it.

Finally  Dark Net is an  area of ​​the Internet that can be accessed through specialized software and encryption protocols that guarantee the anonymity and privacy of users. 

The Dark Net is a collection of independent private networks that are not indexed by search engines and cannot be accessed through common web browsers. 

None of these areas guarantees the security of information on the Internet. Therefore, it is important to know what risks exist and follow good practices and security protocols. .

From INSSIDE  we help companies through the tracking of the Deep and Dark web to detect sensitive information that is circulating outside the control of the organization, such as access credentials and card data.