Companies and cybersecurity: how to reduce risks in times of cyberattacks

Phishing, malware and ransomware lead the ranking of the most prevalent cyberattacks. In the year 2020, only in Latin America, 41 billion attempted computer attacks were registered. What happened? The pandemic accelerated the digitization and interconnectivity processes, an event that was taken advantage of by cybercriminals to attack their victims.

Not only private users were connected, but companies also migrated their activities and contributed to digitization, expanding the attack surface for cybercriminals who, without a doubt, benefited from the exponential growth of users in cyberspace and who They probably did not have the necessary security or habits to avoid being violated.

Nowadays, there is a greater knowledge of this type of attacks and situations that take place in the online space, but even so, cyber attacks continue to be very successful, so the security measures adopted, awareness, and strategies implemented continue. still insufficient, demonstrating that it is necessary to continue working on cybersecurity.

Having teams dedicated to protecting cyberspace is essential to prevent and reduce risks. At the same time, there is specialized technology in the analysis of evidence and indicators that helps companies obtain a clear picture of possible risks, whether existing or emerging, in relation to their critical assets. This is the well-known Threat Intelligence, or Threat Intelligence in Spanish.

From the Threat Intelligence technology, various analyzes can be made that allow the evaluation of different aspects of the identified risks, such as their financial cost and issues of business operation. Based on this technology, threats and incidents are evaluated, contextualized and classified in order to anticipate possible incidents.

Cybersecurity is not a secondary aspect, but must be among the priorities of a company, regardless of its category or size, since a cyberattack can jeopardize business continuity. Staying one step ahead of cybercriminals is possible.

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