Chile enacts its Cybersecurity Law to protect the digital future

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Chile has taken a significant step in cybersecurity with the enactment of a new law that establishes a regulatory framework to protect cyberspace in the country.

The new legislation, No. 21,663, known as the Cybersecurity and Critical Information Infrastructure Framework Law, was published on April 8th and is considered a major milestone in Latin America and the Caribbean as the first country in the region to implement such regulation.

Its main objective is to ensure the cyber security of both public and private enterprises and aims to enhance security standards in the country. To achieve this, it establishes the creation of the National Cybersecurity Agency (Anci), responsible for regulating, overseeing, and sanctioning entities that provide essential services for the country’s operation.

The establishment of Anci is one of the highlights of this law, along with the establishment of other institutions tasked with ensuring compliance, such as the Defense CSIRT, the Multisectoral Council, and the Interministerial Committee.

Among the essential services classified by the law are pharmaceutical production and research, health services, information technology, telecommunications, banking, energy, transportation, among others. It is expected that companies defined as vitally important will implement an information security management system, maintain operational continuity and cybersecurity plans, undergo regular reviews, and conduct simulation exercises. Additionally, these companies must implement measures to protect individuals’ rights, data, and privacy in cyberspace and prevent cybercrimes such as identity theft, malware distribution, and phishing, among others.

The new cybersecurity law in Chile establishes a minimum standard of prevention and duties regarding cyber incidents for a wide variety of industries, marking a significant advancement in protecting cyberspace in the country.

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