CEOs’ concern about cyber attacks grows

Cyberattack scenarios are increasingly worrying CEOs of organizations. Still, 60% of respondents to a recent report do not incorporate cybersecurity into their business strategies.

The numbers never cease to surprise, but almost half of those surveyed in the research (44%) say that they believe that cybersecurity is required sporadically and not continuously, while more than half consider that the adoption of preventive measures Cybersecurity is more expensive than dealing with the results of a cyberattack.

However, on many occasions, suffering a cyberattack can leave an organization out of the market, not only because of the data bot, but also because of information encryption, reputational, image and trust issues.

It is for this reason that INSSIDE Cybersecurity specialists recommend the adoption of solid strategies and policies to prevent this type of attacks. Today, Cybersecurity is considered a business enabler. Boards of directors can no longer think about a successful long-term business strategy without putting Cybersecurity issues on the table.

At INSSIDE we help our clients to be cyber resilient and reduce the risks in the face of constant cyber threat scenarios in which any organization can be a victim of computer criminals. Our 360º proposal adapts to the measures of organizations to achieve success in protecting critical assets and information.