Why is it important to back up your data?

Data loss is a recurring theme, whether it’s from devices being lost or stolen, or from a malware infection.

A ransomware is an attack characterized by the hijacking of data. It is a type of malicious program that restricts access to certain parts or all of the files of the infected operating system, in order to demand a ransom in exchange for removing this restriction.​

Device theft is not the only way users lose valuable information, as another common reason for data loss is through infection with ransomware-type malware.

In this sense, companies can also be affected, since attackers take advantage of collaborators’ devices to access company systems and deploy some type of computer threat. In this way, in order not to lose their data and avoid damaging their image and reputation, companies decide to pay a ransom, although without the assurance that the information and access will be returned.

For users it is essential to have a backup to avoid losing data, images, or important files, both personal and work. Therefore, it is essential to consider making backup copies, to avoid losses.

The same is true of companies. Security policies and a backup system to recover your information in case of incidents become more relevant in times of sophisticated and evolved cyberattacks, since the impact can be immense, generate irreparable damage and even cause the total closure of the organization.

From INSSIDE , we help companies to identify, protect and detect threats in order to reinforce and sustain a resilient ecosystem, starting with the development of security policies, with the aim of regulating network access control.