Argentina promotes cybersecurity environments: the National Cybersecurity Committee presents a report on emerging challenges

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The Secretariat of Strategic Affairs (SAE) stands out in the initiative “Care in digital environments” of the National Cybersecurity Committee, contributing to the report “Towards a new democratic pact.”

In a commitment to strengthen cybersecurity and promote the safe use of digital environments, the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs (SAE) has left its mark in the recent publication “Care in digital environments”, led by the National Cybersecurity Committee. In this context, the SAE contributed significantly to the report “Towards a new democratic pact”, focused on addressing the problem of hate speech present in the digital public sphere.

As an essential part of the “Awareness and Education” Working Group of the National Cybersecurity Committee, the SAE joins other state agencies, including the Secretariat of Public Innovation of the Chief of Staff of Ministers, and the ministries of Defense, Security and Foreign Ministry . This joint work reflects the importance of inter-institutional collaboration to address emerging cybersecurity challenges.

The report presented by the SAE, prepared by the Economic and Social Council, highlights the various actions carried out by the organization in relation to digital crimes and their repercussions on democratic coexistence. In particular, it delves into scientific research that addresses the extension and proliferation of problems linked to different forms of violence through social networks.

These efforts not only underline the SAE’s commitment to digital security, but also highlight the need for society and the National Public Administration to be aware and prepared to face current challenges in the digital environment. At INSSIDE, we applaud these substantial contributions that contribute to the construction of a safer and more ethical cyberspace for everyone.